Friday, April 06, 2007

Rivers, Fish, Sewers, and the Radio

A few things to look at:

Long Island needs sewers but Long Islanders can’t agree on where to put them and no one wants to pay for them. (Let’s face it, nobody in America wants to pay for any municipal projects. We can’t even clean up alongside our roadways but instead have to get “sponsors” to do it for us. It’s sad.)

Connecticut’s rivers are having problems. The Quinnipiac is too polluted to swim or fish in (although this story asserts that it’s safe for boating; can you imagine a river that’s so polluted it’s unsafe for boating?). And contaminated sediments from a Milford marina won’t be dumped at a popular fishing spot in the Housatonic River; instead they’ll be dumped in Long Island Sound, off New Haven.

This guy Bob Sampson knows about fish, knows the eastern end of the Sound and its tribs, and he can write. Here’s his Norwich Bulletin column.

I’ll be on the radio tomorrow (WSTC/WNLK, 1350 and 1400 AM)) talking about the Sound and promoting my book in an attempt to get my annual royalty check up into the low three figures. The show is called Lunch with Lisa. You can tune in, if you’re so inclined, and call in with a question: 203 845-3044. Or you can listen online later. Details are here on this very colorful website.


Blogger Tamara said...

Nice photo, though I think I may have damaged my eyes after looking at that website.

11:06 AM  
Anonymous Bryan said...

That's great...AG Blumenthal has no problem with dumping the contaminated dredge spoils in the Sound. Where's the outcry from Save the Sound et al.?

Don't forget, it was lobbying by "special interests" in CT concerned that they might have to find another place to put their spoils that damn near wrecked the opportunity to fund the LISS.

1:47 PM  

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