Saturday, March 24, 2007

The Woodcock Don't Seem To Be Calling Just Yet.

I don't think woodcock are calling regularly around here yet. The fen is still frozen, and peepers and wood frogs are silent. That's the most likely place to hear woodcock, although I've also heard them making their funny buzzy, beepy call on a hill in the hamlet behind my daughter's friend's house. But they're active in other places. My wife heard this evocative piece on All Things Considered the other night. It's worth a listen.

I've added a few blogs to my list on the lower right, first and foremost Sam Wells's Poof n Whiffs, which is about what I like to think of as Wellsworld, South Padre Island, Texas. Sphere readers know Sam well. His blog is as lively and as wide-ranging as his comments here and I should have linked to it earlier.

There's also Waterwire, a sort of blog/sort of news site that Emily Gertz (of the apparently defunct OneAtlantic blog) writes and edits for the Metropolitan Waterfront Alliance; the Blue Marble, which is Mother Jones's enviro blog; Ecopolitics Daily, the New York League of Conservation Voters blog, written partly by Josh Klainberg, who took it in stride when I lit into his organization in an email a few months ago after it endorsed the appalling Sue Kelly for re-election to Congress in my district (I had the satisfaction of seeing Kelly lose to John Hall but I didn't rub it in to Josh); and Connecticut Smart Growth, which is written by a fellow named Tom Sevigny, who spelled my name wrong but otherwise wrote a good post about my thoughts on the Face of Connecticut.

Read them.

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Blogger Sam said...

I'm honored, Tom, and thank you very much.

I am also honored to be selected as chair for the Save the Laguna Madre group, which is concerned about oil and gas development in our sensitive bays. Like you, Broadwater, and energy development, there is a fine balance between environment and energy policy and sometimes the energy projects are better suited in other places that are not so sensitive or disruptive to the environment.

And thank you Tom for being on all those panels and helping to lead the way for cleaning up Long Island Sound. That's my old stomping grounds. I still go there every 2-3 years, there and Block Island and then Maine. All those areas, to a certain degree, have impaired waters. /sam

4:27 PM  

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