Wednesday, January 17, 2007

A One-of-a-Kind Meeting for FERC

How pathetic is this? FERC met in public yesterday with three of the scientists who last month criticized the Broadwater draft environmental impact statement for its inadequate analysis, and when the meeting was over the guy from FERC admitted they’ve never really done that kind of thing – meet with, like, scientists – before:

“This was a rare opportunity. We don't typically have ... folks in like yourselves to take a hard look at what we've done.”

Kind of makes you wonder about the rigor with which other FERC environmental impact statements have been compiled.

This New London Day story has some details of what Ralph Lewis, Roman Zajac and Peter Auster said, which is pretty much what they said last month. Supposedly someone in Connecticut state government is preparing a transcript of their original testimony last month and promised to send it to me, but I haven’t seen it yet.

Meanwhile, I like the way this guy from Long Island put it:

“New York and Connecticut are not separated by Long Island Sound, we are joined together by Long Island Sound,” said Kevin McCarrick, a councilman from Brookhaven, N.Y.

And the Courant outlines the Broadwater (dis)approval process, here and here.



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