Saturday, January 13, 2007

Paul Rudolph's Micheels House in Westport is Gone

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With Westport police preventing the press from watching, developer David Waldman had the Micheels House, designed by modernist Paul Rudolph, torn down today so Waldman could build his own house on the site, overlooking Long Island Sound. Enjoy the view, asshole.

WestportNow has the details. They've been doing a terrific job of following the issue (and of the tear-down phenomenon in general) and I hope they don't mind that I borrowed this photo from them. It was taken by photographer Dave Matlow.

For more on the issue, see The Destruction of Paul Rudolph's Micheels House in the right hand column.

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Blogger Tamara said...

Pearls before swine. This is so sad.

9:04 PM  
Anonymous pb said...

You wrote: Enjoy the view, asshole.

That is a rare bit of emotion shown on your part. I like it. I doubt that Mr. David Waldman had any intention of finding another buyer. Such men must build monuments to themselves to remind us (and themselves) how important they are.

9:05 AM  
Anonymous Unico Design Group said...

Asshole is not he word to describe him, Ignorant like so many hustlers of the fruitful economy. God please forgive them for they dont now what they are doing..Sorry Paul we tried RIP

4:17 PM  

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