Tuesday, December 12, 2006

Fluke Catch To Fall, Fishermen Don't Like it. Also: Thimble Buying, Broadwater, Oyster Revival

The Atlantic States Marine Fisheries Commission is cutting the number of fluke that fishermen will be allowed to catch, in hopes of allowing the population as a whole to rebound.

Recreational fishermen don’t like that though, which is odd – you’d think that people who do something for fun would be interested in the long-term well being of their recreational activity.

Businesses on Long Island that rely on recreational fishermen for their income don’t like the change either because they think it will mean less money for them. But isn’t that the definition of environmental sustainability – a business that can make a go of it without damaging the environment? Here’s Newsday’s report.

Meanwhile, here are some quick hits from over the weekend that I didn’t get to yesterday:

Mrs. Svenningsen, the enormously wealthy woman who is buying up the Thimble Islands, gives “her first and only” interview, here.

Broadwater has an application in to the Army Corps of Engineers, here.

There’s an oyster revival in Greenwich, here.



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