Thursday, December 07, 2006

Connecticut Municipalities Pushing to Double the Clean Water Fund

There’s an important meeting in Hartford going on now to discuss Connecticut’s Clean Water Fund, which is where Connecticut’s share of the money for the Long Island Sound cleanup comes from. David Funkhouser has a preview in today’s Courant.

He reports that DEP Commissioner Gina McCarthy is looking into reforming (perhaps) the way the Clean Water Fund is administered.

And although Soundkeeper/Legislator Terry Backer has been pushing for $70 million a year in the fund, David reports that some people want a whole lot more:

The fund needs up to $160 million next year and just under $140 million the following year "to get Connecticut back up to where it should have been," said Gian-Carl Casa, director of legislative services for the Connecticut Conference of Municipalities. "A large number of projects are ready to go, and the funding isn't available for them."

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