Wednesday, August 02, 2006

Another Ferry On The Way Maybe

The fellow who for years gave boat tours of the Norwalk Islands is now hoping to start what amounts to a boutique ferry service for affluent passengers traveling between Stamford and Glen Cove. His name is Barry Natale, and he’s negotiating to buy a “practically unsinkable” boat to serve as his ferry, according to the Stamford Advocate:

Natale's target would be "upscale" clientele who are tired of driving from Long Island to Stamford every day and can afford the service.

With companies such as Royal Bank of Scotland opening corporate headquarters in Stamford, Natale thinks he can get the clients he needs.

"It's a pain for these people to drive from Long Island to Connecticut," Natale said. "I want to solve that problem."

He doesn't think his business will be a substitute for the Bridgeport to Port Jefferson, N.Y., service that carries cars and significantly more passengers or the long-talked-about Stamford ferry service that would take commuters to lower Manhattan.


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