Wednesday, July 26, 2006

New Law Changes the Way New York Will Protect and Regulate its Waterways

There’s a new law in New York that will attempt to coordinate the way various agencies regulate and protect the state’s waterways, including Long Island Sound. I hadn’t heard about it til I read this story in today’s Newsday. Unfortunately the story is about as sketchy as can be. If I learn more, I’ll tell.


Anonymous Bryan Brown said...


I hadn't heard about it either. Thanks for the heads-up. I checked the bill ratings provided by Environmental Advocates and didn't see it, nor was it referenced by Citizens Campaign. Maybe everyone expected it to pass with no opposition (as it did) so it didn't need a push?

You can read the text of the NYS Senate bill here. I'm trying to see what it will actually do for LIS. The objectives seems to match those of the coastal consistency program administered by NYSDOS.

Pardon my cynicism but...whooppee, another government council (at least they're unpaid).

4:27 PM  

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