Wednesday, March 01, 2006

RI Says No to Block Island Marina Expansion

If you think a large private marina shouldn’t automatically be allowed to expand over an additional four acres of publicly-owned waters, you’re in sync with Rhode Island officials. Last night the state’s Coastal Resources Management Council rejected an expansion plan by Champlin’s Marina, on Block Island, that would have usurped a large part of an already-crowded portion of BI’s Great Salt Pond.

On a place like Block Island, of course, this kind of fight boils down to the privileged islanders not wanting to be inconvenienced by privileged boat-owners who don’t live on the island. But even though it’s hard to feel much sympathy for the island residents who don’t want more privileged people near them, I’m on their side anyway. Block Island is still so beautiful, and its beaches and shorelines are so widely-accessible to the public, that I can easily agree that enough is enough.

Here's the Providence Journal story.


Blogger Sam said...

I think it is more complex that Islanders not wanting some boaters to dock there, Tom. There are ecological issues (overload on Great Salt Pond), public trust issues, mooring and navigation issues, and yes even that notion that the "access" here is for rich private yatch owners to the Island, as opposed to allowing public access for all. I've try to help the Islanders but every time I try to corner them on their opinions, I get "laughed out of Dodge City." Hey what can I say, it's complex and quite ripe for court appeal. /Sam

10:57 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

I guess you could say we are priveledged. Priveledged to have a history of fighting for protection of the environment. Priveledged to have a community that is active in this fight. I NEVER go to Champlin's. What happens there doesn't concern me one bit. What does concern me, is that an increase in boats means an increase in pollution. The pond can hardly stay clean as is.
Don't think we are all a bunch of NIMBY's. We actually care about our Island. You would think you would give us credit for that instead of insulting us.

8:44 AM  

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