Friday, February 17, 2006

Climate Change and Long Island Sound

The Long Island Sound Watershed Alliance looks as if it has a good program for its April 8 conference, in Bridgeport, on how climate change might affect the Sound. Johan Varekamp, from Wesleyan, and Ellen Thomas, of Yale, will talk about changes to the Sound’s environment. There will also be panel discussions about what the future holds and how to change things for the better. Gina McCarthy, the Connecticut DEP commissioner, will be the keynote speaker.

Since I consider quibbling to be part of my job description, I’ll say that the lineup of speakers seems a bit Connecticut-centric – seven of 10 speakers are from Connecticut, two are from Stony Brook, and I can’t tell from the list where the other is from. But as I said, this is a quibble, and it may be irrelevant.

LISWA emailed a pdf of the program yesterday but I couldn’t find it on the Save the Sound website. Contact Sherill Baldwin for more information:


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Unfortunately the list serve stripped the attachment. The brochure is now available at and at Contact for more information.

1:08 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Just a quibble note. Other New York speakers were invited, including the NY DEC Commissioner but they declined. It just worked out (not planned) that more CT speakers were available. Running out of time, I understand the planners had to go with the line-up that was available. As in the past, maybe next year's New York location will bring more NY speakers into the mix.

8:52 AM  

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