Wednesday, March 08, 2006

Please, Resist the Urge to Put a Seal in the Backseat of Your Car!

You know how it is when you come upon a seal and you really have the urge to snuggle it in a warm afghan or comforter, or maybe get the car heated up and put it in the back seat? Well by all means, resist that urge.

Newspapers in the Long Island Sound region and beyond have been doing a lot of stories about seals lately, and that’s the advice I got from one of them:

… if you see a seal shaking on the beach, don't attempt to cover it with a blanket or put it in a warm car.

In the newspaper business we called that “news you can use.” You might want to make a printout and keep it in your wallet, just in case.

Meanwhile a harp seal made its way up the Connecticut River to Middletown the other day, causing a fair amount of interest (as did one that hauled out in New Rochelle not long ago).

The picture, by the way, was taken by a Hartford Courant photographer named Cloe Poisson. Considering what seals eat, I have to assume Ms. Poisson knew enough not to get too close.


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