Thursday, October 06, 2005

More Charges Coming in Fishers Island Ferry Sewage Case?

The Coast Guard is continuing to investigate the Fishers Island sewage dumping case and the New London Day repeated what it said in Saturday's paper -- more charges or charges against others might be coming.

After saying there might be more charges, reporter Judy Benson says in the next sentence that the town of Southold, on Long Island, runs the ferry operation (despite being far closer to Connecticut, Fishers Island is part of New York). Should someone in the town government have noticed that the town was not paying for sewage disposal for the two boats?

She also notes that the Connecticut DEP is not investigating the incident. What a surprise.


Blogger kelly said...

Don't the Sopranos make their money in the "Waist Management" field? Coincidence, I think not.


12:17 PM  

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