Wednesday, October 05, 2005

Broadwater Says the Beauty of the Sound Isn't that Important

If the big liquefied natural gas facility that Shell and TransCanada want to put in the middle of Long Island Sound is hideous to look at and mars our view of the Sound essentially for ever, that shouldn’t bother us enough to make us oppose the facility.

Do you buy that? Broadwater wants you to.

John Hritcko, senior vice president for Broadwater (an Orwellian name if ever there was one), is now arguing that the beauty of the Sound shouldn’t be an important consideration.

Here’s what WTNH in New Haven reported:

Broadwater also told us that the issue of visual pollution on the shoreline is not really relevant.

"This is going to be a facility to provide a dependable supply of natural gas for the people of Connecticut and has broad impact, so we can't just make a decision based on the fact that it might look ugly."

The next time you are crossing the Hudson River on the Bear Mountain Bridge, look north into the Highlands, one of the most beautiful places on earth. What you do not see is the Storm King power plant, which Con Ed proposed almost 50 years ago and which was defeated largely because activists along the Hudson were appalled at what the plant would do to view.

Now look south, where the river opens up at Peekskill Bay and narrows again at Verplanck’s Point. It’s a beautiful riverscape too, except that your eye inevitably falls on the two big industrial facilities that somehow were allowed to be built on the bank of the river – the giant garbage incinerator that serves Westchester County and the Indian Point nuclear power plants.

There were a lot of reasons to oppose those two facilities, but if the people who approved the construction had paid more attention to the way they would mar the beautiful river, their decisions might well have been, “Sorry, come back when you’ve found a more appropriate place.”

Hritcko doesn’t want us to make up our minds now, because it’s premature – the environmental studies haven’t been done yet. And he doesn’t want us to emphasize the way an industrial facility in the Sound might look.

Those of us who oppose Broadwater should come to an agreement with John Hritcko. We won’t make up our minds on the environmental issues if he doesn’t either. And as a tradeoff, we won’t let aesthetic issues cloud our judgment if he doesn’t let corporate profits cloud his.

In the meantime, the Stamford Advocate thinks the LNG terminal is a bad idea too.


Blogger JS_VP said...

To all you environmental Eloi, who believe your infrastructure needs are simply "that stuff that's done for me by the servants",
I advise you to
count your

Your infrastructure blessings are what has been eradicated in New Orleans, which is why rebuilding will take a decade.

Try this.... pick ALL suitable infrastructure spots BEFOREHAND,
proactively declare them "Morlock Territory",
and Voila'!!

No more siting issues,
Let your faithful Morlocks do their job!

Huddle in a cave, freeze, and starve
(until eaten by coyotes).

Have a nice geern day

Harry, Dog on the River!

11:14 AM  
Blogger Tom Andersen said...

Hmmm ... Wonder what he means by "a nice geern day"? Anybody ever have one of those?

11:41 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Still can't say I comprehend it...

11:25 PM  
Blogger JS_VP said...



If you cannot personally hunt, gather, or farm successfully,

You would do well to consider that
the shipping infrastructure bringing your winter produce by air from Peru
is 100% petrochemical-based.

If you do not have a personal wind/solar rig, making your 21st century home on Long Island viable,
you would do well to consider the tenuous nature of your power connections & your gas connections
to the mainland.

If you believe every industrial infrastructure item is defacto a visual blight,
you might very well investigate the "ethics" of relegating all this blight offshore, to less advantaged nations, who will produce your brick, your wallboard, your food, your clothing, from slave-like boiler-room complexes, where maquilladores sit beneath the gaze of armed strawbosses, so that you, the Eloi, may avoid gazing at any Morlock items.

Has Wikipedia helped ?

Do you comprehend now?

Well, then good enough.

6:53 AM  
Anonymous Bryan Brown said...

You paint a clearer picture, and one that has a certain resonance.

Would you be the same Harry, Dog of the River, who posted here?

9:16 PM  

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