Monday, October 17, 2005

How Many People Think Broadwater is a Good Idea?

Yesterday’s Hartford Courant story asserted that the Broadwater proposal “doesn't … bug as many people who make their living on Long Island Sound as one might expect. … local users of Long Island Sound - as accustomed as they are to battling the seemingly never-ending siege of cables, pipelines and other projects - appear to be split when it comes to Broadwater.”

When you read the story though you might be surprised by the number of people the author cites to back up her assertions: it’s 1. The claims that Broadwater doesn’t bug as many people as you’d expect and that local users of the Sound appear to be split are based on the opinion of one man.

That man happens to be a Long Island Sound pilot from Branford, named Ken Warden. The story doesn’t mention that the Long Island Sound pilots would benefit because each tanker would have to hire a pilot to shepherd it in and out of the Sound.


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