Saturday, July 16, 2005

Fishers Island Ferry Sewage Investigation Lingers for a Year

Speaking of boats dumping sewage, I had complained the other day because Connecticut has taken 10 weeks to investigate a 12-million-gallon sewage spill in New Haven. Further east, the Coast Guard has been investigating a spill for a year and still hasn't figured out what's going on.

Much to the embarassment of Fishers Island residents, a year ago the Fishers Island Ferry was found to be opening its valves so that sewage went directly into the Thames River and the Sound. It seemed like a clear cut case but for reasons that no one is explaining, it still hasn't been solved.

The good news, according to the New London Day, is that there's no reason to open those valves again:

This spring, the ferry passengers and staff began using a new waiting room and offices at an expanded New London terminal, a project paid for with $6 million in federal grants and $3 million in ferry district funds. The project included underground pipes and pumps enabling sewage from ferry toilets to be discharged directly into the New London treatment plant instead of having to be pumped out periodically by trucks.


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