Friday, June 17, 2005

Will Greenwich Defy the Court?

What's with Greenwich?

First, the town refuses to give people access to Long Island Sound (which of course is owned by the public) until someone sues and wins (and then the town makes it such a pain to get a permit that the public access is virtually a sham).

Second, the town goes ahead and kills 20 Canada geese without telling the public and its health director asks with a straight face, "Why should I tell the public?" Later, after the public finds out and complains, the town changes its goose-killing policy.

Then the town has three environmentalists arrested for protesting, only to have the state prosecutor dismiss the charges, in effect telling the town that yes, the First Amendment really does apply to Greenwich.

And finally a resident successfully sues to get the town to release public information and despite a unanimous state Supreme Court decision, the town is looking for ways to avoid complying.

I say this with no irony at all: Greenwich residents should be happy they have the Greenwich Time to cover these things, otherwise no one in the town government would be accountable.


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