Tuesday, June 14, 2005

No Red Tide in the Sound Now But It or Something Like It was Here in 2003

The algae responsible for the red tide that has swept through New England waters bloomed briefly in Long Island Sound two years, according to a report in the Connecticut Post.

The paper reports that David Carey, director of the State Aquaculture Bureau in Milford, said that an area off Groton tested positive in 2003.

Carey said there was a recent outbreak of red algae in Long Island Sound…. The beds were shut down until tests showed the clams had purged all the toxins and were safe for human consumption, Carey said.

I have to assume that when they say “red algae," Carey and the reporter are talking about Alexandrium, but since the Post doesn’t say so specifically, it’s just an assumption.

There’s no sign of it here this year, though, Carey says.


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