Tuesday, May 24, 2005

Protecting Gardiners Island, Sort of

The owners of Gardiners Island -- not exactly newcomers: they've owned it since the early 1600s -- have come to some kind of temporary preservation agreement with the Town of Southampton. From this Newsday story, it sounds like a 20-year conservation easement. But the story contains this sentence, which makes little sense:

No town government could afford to purchase it, and only the owners of Gardiners Island have the power to prevent new houses or other new development from being built there until at least 2025.

So if the island is being protected for 20 years, how is it that only the owners have the power to prevent new houses?

gardiners map1

Gardiners Island is between Long Island's two forks.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

I dont understand why, if it's being protected for 20 years as they say.

I also dont uderstand why it costs so much to maintain what is essentially a desolate island.

Also, aren't there huge tax breaks if the family allows the island to be used for educational/limited recreational purposes? I know they arent really allowing that now, I was just curious if it was an option for them in the future.

4:51 PM  

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