Monday, May 23, 2005

FERC Opines on LNG Terminals in RI, Mass.; Hilary Clinton Lukewarm on Broadwater

The Federal Energy Regulatory Commission has issued reports saying that a liquefied natural gas terminal proposed for Providence, Rhode Island, could not be operated safely unless the applicant, KeySpan, bought up nearby properties. But another proposal, for Fall River, Massachusetts, would be safe, FERC said. The reports -- final environmental impact statements -- were made public Friday.

The Providence Journal said:

Despite the report's findings, KeySpan expressed no signs of abandoning its project. A statement issued by the company highlighted favorable aspects of the report.

"The FERC staff agrees with our view that the LNG project is a key part of helping Rhode Island meet its growing energy needs," David J. Manning, executive vice president and chief environmental officer at KeySpan, said in a statement.

He added that "overall, it makes a very strong statement on behalf of our project."

In an interview, Manning declined to say whether KeySpan would try to apply the current safety regulations to its proposal.

However, a correspondent of mine, who appears to know what he's talking about, came to a different conclusion:

FERC said KeySpan won't fly unless they upgrade the entire existing facility to current standards, which KeySpan won't do because it's too expensive. It would seem that KeySpan Providence is effectively dead
(Hurrah!). Weavers Cove, on the other hand, was given the green light by FERC (not good).

Meanwhile, Hilary Clinton was on Long Island yesterday and seems to be ready to line up behind Chuck Schumer in opposition to the proposal to put a LNG terminal in the middle of Long Island Sound. According to Newsday, Clinton said:

"Broadwater seems very unlikely to be a smart solution for Long Island's energy needs."


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