Wednesday, May 18, 2005

Greenwich Has Already Killed 20 Canada Geese But Didn't Bother to Tell the Public

First Greenwich's health director wrote in an official government document that Canada geese were a health threat in her town even though she knew -- or should have known -- that there was no evidence to back up that assertion, which she was using to justify the town's application to kill 200 geese.

Now, according to the Greenwich Time, she has revealed that Greenwich has already gone ahead and had 20 geese kiiled -- gassed, last year.

Neither Caroline Calderone Baisley nor anyone else in town government told anyone:

"Why would I bother (publicizing it)?" she said.

Exactly. Especially when she could be sure that a large number of people might oppose it on the grounds that the reason she gave is false.

I wonder if the town's first selectman, Jim Lash, mentioned the killings when he heard from these constituents?


Blogger Aaron the Truck Driver said...

Greenwhich: A sandwich with only lettuce.

9:15 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Canad geese are protected by the native migratory endangered species act. The aren't native, they don't migrate, they aren't endangered. The foul our playing fields and cause millions of children across America to play in feces as if it were healthy. Further, they cost our society millions of dollars a year in preventive activities such as hiring dogs to chase geese away. Ironically, the presence of these animals is a big reason many towns are putting in turf fields - geese don't defecate on turf - resulting in less greenspace.

Hurray for Greenwich. The over-population of animals such as Canada Geese is an ecological and health disaster.

It's a shame she couldn't get rid of all of them. Perhaps everyone who shows up at a public meeting should screaming about saving the geese should be forced to cage some geese on their front yard and then periodically go out and roll around in the feces.

1:43 PM  

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