Wednesday, May 04, 2005

Blumenthal: DEP is Investigating the 12-Million-Gallon Sewage Spill

Connecticut's Attorney General, Richard Blumenthal, says that DEP is investigating the New Haven sewage spill and that when the investigation is done, he and the DEP will decide if legal action is appropriate.

Here's his statement, which came to Sphere via e-mail rather than the promised phone call:

The sewage spill in the Morris Cove neighborhood of New Haven on April 30 is a very serious and urgent concern. I understand that DEP is continuing its active investigation. This factual investigation should provide a full understanding of the cause, nature and extent of the spill. We then will determine, in cooperation with DEP, what legal action under the water pollution laws may be appropriate. I am strongly committed to the protection of Long Island Sound from all encroachments and damage, whether from sewage or unnecessary and inappropriate utility projects. Long Island Sound is a precious and irreplaceable resource, and I will continue to fight to protect it.

E-mails tend to hinder follow-up questions that logically arise during an interview.

So the questions still to be answered are: How long will the investigation take? Once it's finished, how long will it take to decide if legal action is appropriate?

The bigger questions are:

Should New Haven should be fined for violating its state permit to discharge pollutants?

Is New Haven responsible for damages to natural resources such as shellfish beds?

The local papers aren't covering this, so check back here for updates.


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