Sunday, December 05, 2004

LNG Terminal: What is Long Island Sound for?

The Hartford Courant is on the LNG terminal story today. To me, the key issue won't be the risk of explosion or the possible effect on lobsters, both of which the Courant mentions, but rather the appropriateness of Long Island Sound becoming an industustrial site. Not the Sound's harbors or cities, mind you, but the Sound itself.

Do we want businesses to be able to establish major industrial facilities on the Sound, and do we want to look at major industrial facilities on the Sound. I argue in my book that it was attitudes about what Long Island Sound was best used for that allowed it to become the place where we dumped our industrial waste and then our household waste (that is, our sewage), which in turn led to the pollution problems we're trying to fix now.

The Broadwater LNG terminal would not be dumping into the Sound, but the proposal embodies an attitude about what Long Island Sound is best used for that hearkens back to the bad old days.


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You need to tell more about what Long Island Sound is on your website, so that people know that you know alot about the sound and will want to by your book. So add more info.

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