Tuesday, November 30, 2004

'Bye, Little Old Whitey!

Yesterday we bade farewell to the decrepit, sodden, smelly, mouse-hotel that was my husband's car, but more recently was our son's heaven on earth.

An incredibly independent, noisy kid, he would find endless amusement in the driver's seat of this compact, child-sized vehicle. If we suddenly realized the house wasn't vibrating with his din and reluctantly shook ourselves out of the blissful and rare near-silence, the panic of "where'd he go!!" would be instantly dispelled when we'd see his silhouette, busily steering, adjusting, poking buttons in Little Old Whitey.
L.O.W. was like a playpen for older, inquisitive motorheaded kids with lively imaginations. I've never asked him where he was going, when he'd hop in with his intrepid girl friend of about the same age and interest. He was safe, contained and immeasurably happy in his little cocoon-like world. So what if it wasn't as wholesome as a fairy-house or a tree-house, it suited him to a 'T'.

So, fearing an emotional, how-could-you-do-this-to-me outburst when we told him it had been taken away to be turned into tunafish cans, we were greatly relieved when he exclaimed, "oh, that's great - more room for me to play!" I guess Little Old Whitey had usefully served out the last part of its life, and our little boy is growing up. Next, of course, he'll be wanting the real thing!

-- Gina Federico


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