Thursday, August 18, 2011

Dolphins and More

Lots of interesting stuff this morning on Twitter via @Soundbounder:

Dolphins have been in Long Island Sound again, as far west as Cold Spring Harbor. So says the Riverhead Foundation for Marine Research and Preservation. About 200 dolphins were here in June of 2009, too, which makes me think they enter the Sound on porpoise.

(Five minutes after I hit "publish post," Matt (@soundbender) sent me this link to a photo taken by Pete Sattler of dolphins near Throgs Neck and a youtube video taken near Rocky Point by someone else. Thanks, Matt!)

Suffolk County has bought and preserved two nice-sounding tracts. As far as I know, nobody in Westchester is preserving land these days, including New York City and Westchester Land Trust. Sept 29 update: I say this because WLT has protected one parcel this year, an 8-acre lot in Pound Ridge, a project which started years ago and finally came to fruition when the owner's representative called me last fall and asked how we could get it finished. There were no other projects close to being completed when I left in June and as I understand it no new projects have come in lately but they're still looking. So to be factually correct, NYC has gotten out of the land preservation business in Westchester and WLT is still in it.

Coyotes might be eating cats on Fishers Island.


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