Monday, July 18, 2011

Where are Long Island Sound's Fish?

A fellow named Rob Carr, who lives in Stamford, wrote to me this morning:

"Question. I live in Stamford, and I've been fishing the area for the past 7 years. While last year was a good year for stripers, many of my experienced angler friends feel that another fishing crash is coming or here. This year in particular is "the worst year in 30" for some seasoned, recreational fisherman. Not just stripers, but many other species. One friend commented that he caught nothing in June, which is normally his best month. He's never come close to striking out in June.

While this is not a simple yes, no answer, have you read about or heard similar comments?"

Fish populations are notoriously cyclical, and I've been reading newspaper stories about how the striped bass population along the east coast seems to be declining.

Does anyone have an educated opinion?


Blogger Kierran said...

Many people in the recreational fishing world are concerned about a repeat of the crash in striper stocks that we experienced in the1980's. Maybe they have good reason to be. I am no scientist, but some of the statistics are scary.

Here is a link to a NOAA Fisheries site, where you can retrieve various data/trends about recreational striped bass catches along the Atlantic coast:

Also, here is a link to Stripers Forever, who is the leading advocate for striped bass conversation. They have some good links and articles for reading up on the subject.

Personally, I am a shore fisherman, mostly in Long Island Sound. I know my success heavily depends on baitfish, like adult menhaden. If we are lucky to have a season with bait-filled harbors, then the fishing can be very good. If not, then it can be a very trying year. Just remember, we not only have to protect/conserve our striper stocks, but our baitfish too.

Just my two cents...


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Anonymous Tom Andersen said...

Here's the link to Stripers Forever

4:56 PM  
Blogger matthew houskeeper said...

I've read numerous articles this past year about the Striped Bass decline, and I think it is serious.
My impression however, is that June was a relatively good month, especially when compared to June 2010. The heavy rains delayed things somewhat, but there seemed to be a solid 3 week period across much of the Sound.
Of course, not every area was equally productive. The stretch from Eatons Neck to Port Jeff appeared to be a hot spot, while some traditionally productive areas
like the Norwalk and Greenwich Islands, were not.
Did the fresh water from the rains
chase away the baitfish, or impact the striper's feeding habits? Seems possible. poor month of fishing in one specific area seems too small a sample-size to draw any
It will be interesting to see how the rest of the season plays out...especially in September and October.

I'll email you a few of those stories I mentioned above

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