Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Tell the Norwalk Aquarium About Your Big Catch

Long Island Sound fishermen, the Norwalk Maritime Aquarium wants to hear your fishing stories and see your fishing pictures, for a new exhibit.

"As part of the new exhibit, we plan to include an area where we'll post stories, photographs and videos from the adventures that people have had while fishing on the Sound," said Judith Bacal, the Aquarium's exhibits director. "Everyone has a great fishing story and we want to hear about it! We want to hear about people's experiences with friends and family catching fish, or about the ones that got away. These are the stories that stir our emotional connections with the Sound and the animals that live in it."

... The exhibit will feature large game fish from the Sound in a 30,000-gallon tank while exploring the relationship and connections we have with fish and fishing in the Sound.

I doubt they're interested in a small bag of clams, however.


Blogger Sam said...

Tom, I would be much more satisfied having cherrystone clams steamed in wine and butter ... than any totally gross striper or bluefish.

I'd rather take my changes on oysters than easting that trash fish, unless you have some nice flounder to share. Flounder seems so rare these days, a shame.

You steam the clammies and I'll BBQ the oysters just until they open, my preferred way now they have all these health warnings. Mmmm. You can serve any sides you want.

8:10 PM  
Blogger Tom Andersen + Gina Federico said...

Now that we're slightly above child-bearing years (and not that worried about PCBs), we love a good striped bass (not that it's easy to get).

When I dig clams on BI we always cook them, mainly because it takes me two or three minutes to open one. Gina cooks them in a skillet, with white wine, onions, and tomatoes, and then we eat it all over pasta. The next day we add soe fish and make chowder with the leftovers.

But a dozen or so oysters to start sounds great. If we get them in the cool weather from somewhere up north, I'll take my chances having them raw. -- ta

8:51 PM  
Anonymous Becky said...

Hey, we'd love the small bag of clams :)

3:08 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Visit us in Rhode Island!

P.S. It's not an island (insider joke)
- Sharon

3:46 AM  

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