Thursday, July 24, 2008

The Tug at the Bottom of the Sound

Joseph Mitchell wrote a terrific piece a long time ago called "The Bottom of the Harbor," about the junk that ends up at the bottom of the harbor -- New York harbor, in particular. Fishermen told me not quite so long ago that nobody trawls in western Long Island Sound because there's too much junk on the bottom and the nets get snagged. And then there's this from yesterday's Courant: Kim Martineau, apparently sifting through court records, found out what's at the bottom of the Sound, off Norwalk. It's the story of a tug that sank in 1984 -- short, grim, sad, and fascinating.


Anonymous Rick said...

Having dove the Celtic/Cape Race a number of times, I can offer these insights:

The only “treasures” divers seek on the Celtic are things like portholes, artifacts from the galley, or instruments from the bridge. Most, if not all of them have been already removed. Many of the items are in places where people can see them (like Sono Seaport Seafood, or in private collections). Had they not been taken, they’d still be on the wreck, where few could appreciate them.

The propeller was salvaged a short time after the ship sunk. As one might imagine, that much brass has quite a bit of monetary value.

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