Thursday, May 22, 2008

What to Do About Great Neck

In Great Neck, they're still trying to figure out how to meet their obligation to upgrade sewage treatment plants, which they are required to do under the state- and federally-approved plan to clean up Long Island Sound. Do they consolidate two existing treatment plants and upgrade to reach the 58.5 percent nitrogen removal goal, or do they close the plants down and divert the sewage to the south shore, thereby achieving almost 100 percent nitrogen removal.

I had written here that it seemed as if the consolidate-and-upgrade plan was the preferred option. But this Newsday story makes it seem as if diversion is still alive, which perhaps could lead to a nitrogen trading program that might help Westchester County solve its big nitrogen removal problem.


Anonymous Bryan said...

Lots of politics involved here, and while the BNR is driving the whole thing, I don't think it's getting much consideration in how it plays out. You have Nassau County looking to maximize its sewage revenue. You have some in Great Neck who don't want to have to pay additional fees to the county for fear that the rates will spiral up and be completely out of their control. You have some in Great Neck looking at the potential for redeveloping the STP sites. And you have the sewer district, or, more specifically, the folks who work for the sewer district, who want to preserve their perks.

I think it's a small minority that are actually focused on the BNR.

11:43 PM  

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