Monday, April 28, 2008

The 26-Toilet Mansion: Sorry, Say The Neighboring Mansion Owners, But It's Just Not Normal

Some folks in Greenwich are wondering why the people who want to build a 625,000-cubic-foot house with 26 bathrooms can't be just normally extravagant, like the rest of their neighbors, instead of so ridiculously extravagant. The new house would have 27,000 square feet of floor space. The tear-down that the owners -- Olga and Valery Kogan -- want to replace covers 19,000 square feet. It's on Simmons Lane and was built by the guy who founded the Simmons mattress company. Robert and Ethel Kennedy had their wedding reception on the grounds.

It's just so hard for the neighbors to accept 27,000 square feet and 26 bathrooms. Nineteen thousand square feet, maybe even 20, is fine. But that extra 7,000 square feet is going too far:

"We would welcome them to the neighborhood," said Charles Lee, one of the neighbors. "if they were willing to live in a normal house."

All of this believe-it-or-not information, and more, is in the Greenwich Time.


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