Tuesday, January 01, 2008

New Year's Eve Bird

On a late afternoon walk yesterday, heading down Trinity Pass toward the Mill River, I was in front of Judge Kelly's place when a big bird caught my eye. It was drifting above the river toward the reservoir and I knew immediately it wasn’t a turkey vulture. I watched it sail, and I saw it bank against the wind above the trees to the north. Its tail was white and its head was white. A bald eagle, indeed -- the first I’ve seen in Pound Ridge.


Blogger Sam said...

hey that's cool, Tom. There are several nesting pair of baldies west of Austin we used to check out every year. It is a sign of very good luck, you know that?

I've been getting better at identifying my osprey, Apolombo falcon, and peregrines lately, which is neat because there are so many here in lower TX now.

Raptor rapture, I guess you could call it.

2:57 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

What a sight it must have been!
Of all things in nature, to me, the bald eagle is so most stately, beautiful, and representative of everything I love.
I've been fishing in Alaskas several times (catch and release!) only to stop and admire these magnificant creatures.
Henceforth, in Pound Ridge, I'll walk with my eyes skyward!
Frank Sisti

7:59 PM  

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