Monday, January 14, 2008

Broadwater and Wind Power

With FERC essentially having approved Broadwater's proposal to put an LNG terminal in Long Island Sound, the Hartford Courant says Connecticut should "go to the mat" in the fight against it. Not that the state doesn't already intend to do that -- Richard Blumenthal said the other day he'll sue anyone he has to, including Eliot Spitzer, to stop Broadwater from being built.

Note to Blumenthal: if you need Eliot Spitzer's cooperation in stopping Broadwater, isn't it better not to threaten him? Do you think Spitzer is somehow going to be scared off by the threat of a lawsuit? Wouldn't it be better to say something like, "I've known Eliot Spitzer for years and I'm confident that he and his staff will see this project for the environmental disaster that it is)?

Note to Hartford Courant editorial writers: the cliche-metaphor "go to the mat" is from the sport of wrestling. If you go to the mat aren't you in troulbe and about to get pinned? How about a boxing cliche instead? Connecticut should go for the KO or, failing that, the TKO.

Rhode Island, meanwhile, is considering wind energy projects in four places -- two off Little Compton, one off Block Island, and one off Watch Hill, not far from the Sound. Here's The Day's story.

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Blogger Sam said...

I really like what Rhode Island is doing with renewable offshore energy. They've hired URI to develop maps of the coast which detail the 3-mile state waters, including Block Island. The analysis will proceed to areas where trawling, navigation, ferries, and other stuff happens. These maps would then become the baseline for legislative policy.

Wow, can you imagine that? Getting ahead of the curve so that Rhode island can fast-tract permits by technology type and location? I would take it a step further and make the Feds detail their plans as well!

If we had these kinds of maps for Long island Sound already done, before Broadwater, perhaps things would be different today. Lacking any plan, mapping program (GIS of course), and policy framework, Broadwater was able to come into virgin territory. Still, the states (NY & CT) have not responded in a balanced way such as Rhode Island. -sam

2:24 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

As a former wrestler, I can tell you that you must "go to the mat" to pin your opponent as well.

8:32 PM  

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