Monday, November 26, 2007

A Tunnel Under the Sound

I already have a headache over this proposal from last week to build a tunnel under Long Island Sound, connecting Syosset and Rye. Not that I think it's a terrbile idea. But it's easy to foresee an endless review process and an eternal stream of news stories featuring on the one hand many people hate it but on the other hand many people love it.

The Journal News story is here, Newsday here. Newsday's editorial states the obvious in saying that the proposal should be studied carefully (here), while the Journal News editorial (here) asks whether we should be undertaking big projects to make driving easier, which I think is the right question:

There are global questions to be answered as well. Is building a tunnel that will make driving more convenient really the way to reduce greenhouse gases? If the goal is to reduce smog and make travel connections between the mainland and Long Island easier, why not invest in mass transit and expand the railroads instead?



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