Thursday, December 21, 2006

A Conch in the Sound

A fellow named Bob Adams, from Milford, wrote to me the other day telling me that his wife came upon a conch shell on the beach not long ago, and asking if I knew whether one could expect to find conch in Long Island Sound. I thought the Sound was a bit far north of the natural range of a conch, and so I wrote back suggesting politely that maybe what she had found was a whelk.

It wasn't. Bob wrote about it on his blog (Full Tilt Sailing), complete with pictures. Take a look. It’s clearly a conch, and he’s asking experts if they can explain what it might be doing in Milford. Dozens if not scores of experts read this blog, and I fully anticipate that I’ll be inundated with explanations, which I’ll pass along.



Blogger B.A. said...

Thanks Tom. I'll look forward to seeing the responses.


8:22 AM  

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