Thursday, November 09, 2006

Is A Milford Legislator Proud of Allowing Long Island Sound To Get Polluted Or Does He Not Know What He's Talking About?

Richard Roy, a Democrat who represents part of Milford in the Connecticut state house, is taking responsibility for Long Island Sound being in bad shape. At least that’s what I infer from his remarks on election night, as quoted in the Milford Mirror:

Richard Roy, now heading into an eighth term as Democratic representative for the 119th district, saw an even larger margin in his win over challenger Kevin Liddy according to early results Tuesday.

"I am delighted by the results," Roy said. "This validates what I accomplished as chairman of the House environmental committee, especially as this pertains to Long Island Sound …."

Consider that Long Island Sound is in pretty bad shape. While some improvements in water quality have been made, the pace of improvement has slowed, and part of the reason is that the State of Connecticut has all but abandoned the cleanup. Richard Roy should know that this is not merely my assertion. A recent report by the Connecticut State Legislature’s Office of Legislative research concurs.

So I guess that’s what Richard Roy is proud of.

Either that or he doesn’t know what he’s talking about.


Blogger Sam said...

You know how it works, Tom. If you form a standing or ad hoc committee and just talk about it, you're doing oodles of cleaning up already! Actual progress might be "small beer" but it is the nice thoughts that count.

While I agree that tons of money need to be spent on the antiquated sewer systems, both storm and wastewater, few seem to have any interest in growing sea grasses and seeding oysters - the cheap stuff that takes back breaking labor.

Sorry about your bum steer from Milford.

7:22 PM  

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