Wednesday, November 22, 2006

Can We Count On Chuck and Hillary to Stop Broadwater? If We Take Them At Their Word, Yes

Residents of the Long Island Sound area who are concerned that FERC's environmental impact statement might lead to the approval of Broadwater's liquefied natural gas facility, I remind you of what Senator Charles Schumer said in May of 2005:

Schumer said yesterday he'll stop the project, which is a joint venture of TransCanada and Shell, by pressuring the Federal Energy Regulatory Commission, according to Newsday:

"FERC is very susceptible to what Congress wants. We set its budget and approve its members," Schumer, a Democrat, said. If FERC approves the project, Schumer added, he will push for special legislation to block it.

And I don't think Senator Hillary Rodham Clinton disagrees with her colleague.

It's a political world. If the politician's are true to their word, and if they are as powerful as they want us to think they are, they should be able to stop the giant industrialists Shell and TransCanada from putting a major industrial facility in the middle of Long Island Sound.


Blogger Sam said...

Hey Tom, I think a court fight just might have to beat down the FERC permit steamroller, IMHO. /Sam

9:06 PM  

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