Monday, October 16, 2006

Jamesport's New State Park

The new Jamesport State Park and Preserve on eastern Long Island has a mile of beach fronting on Long Island Sound. The state bought the land a few years ago from KeySpan, whose predecessor, LILCO, had wanted to put a nuclear power plant there (coincidentally there’s a meeting tonight at Glen Island, in New Rochelle, to talk about the future of Davids Island, on which Con Ed had wanted to put a nuke plant and which is now being looked at as a possible park). State officials and others will announce their plans for the Jamesport park today.

Unfortunately there was a small oil spill late Saturday night on the Sound not far from Jamesport that left globs of heavy heating oil the size of quarters spread along two to three miles of shorefront.


Blogger Nancy Swett said...

I don't suppose there was any deal between federal, state and local officials: you get a park if you keep an open mind about Broadwater... I suspect there was only because I just can't understand how Broadwater has gotten this far.

I think people haven't been up in arms about it yet because the whole thing is ludicrous, and we keep thinking our government's going to see it that way, too. Nope. Broadwater keeps getting past each hurdle!!

Is this just the new approach to siting unpopular facilities. Amenities on steroids? with payoffs to corrupt politicians?

There was an unusually diverse and united coalition of politicos who got together to present this gift to the North Fork as part of this unprecedented "deal."

We're all real sore about this spill and how everyone's handled it, and it should have repercussions for Broadwater, IF people wake up around here and start making some noise!!

Thanks for all your efforts on your side of the puddle.

2:15 PM  

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