Thursday, August 31, 2006

Stepping Stones Lighthouse Is For Sale

The Coast Guard is selling its lighthouse at Stepping Stones rocks, off Kings Point, and has had six offers to buy, restore, maintain and open it (at least somewhat) to the public. The federal government though isn’t saying who the six potential buyers are, at least not yet. From Newsday:

Meta Cushing, a General Services Administration realty specialist, said the six entities that submitted letters expressing interest by the deadline will be given an opportunity next month to visit the lighthouse to get a better sense of potential restoration and maintenance costs.

Then they will have 90 days to file an application, including a plan for restoration and reuse that retains the historical and architectural integrity and allows for at least limited public visitation. The National Park Service will decide which, if any, of the applicants will get the lighthouse.

"Stepping Stones is offshore so it's a little more difficult to put together a program," said Cushing, who refused to provide the names of the nonprofit groups until they file a formal application.

If you're not sure where it is, you can look it up here, map number 12366.


Blogger Sam said...

A little difficult? Many of those old lighthouses are haunted, due to murders and suicide. It's a fascinating topic ... there are stories about the Thames lighthouse near New London and Southeast Light on Block Island as being very much haunted. This one near the Throg's Neck Bridge near New York, was really called the "Devil's Stepping Stones."

I question why the USCG would be selling the Stepping Stones for profit, since lighthouses are notoriously expensive to maintain. Plus, they are down right creepy. It's not like you can turn one into an easy Bed 'n' Breakfast, although it has been done before (if they only knew its history they would run like the Dickens!).

Good story - please bring back the topic for Halloween. /Sam

5:29 PM  

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