Tuesday, March 28, 2006

Blogs Worth Knowing About: Energy Outlook and OneAtlantic

I came upon a relatively new blog yesterday called OneAtlantic that has laid claim to environmental issues pertaining to the Atlantic and the Atlantic coast:

Global warming, air pollution, energy generation, preserving biodiversity and watersheds, economic justice and prosperity ... these are just some of the complex issues faced along the Atlantic coast. Although they cut across city, county, state and country borders, attempts to solve them are typically defined by those political boundaries -- rather than the geographic unity of the natural feature we share: the Atlantic Ocean.

OneAtlantic aims to look at these and other concerns with a cross-border emphasis that reframes the geography of the east -- looking for the interconnections, laying a foundation for support of policies and projects that will enable people to create a sustainable, healthy, prosperous future for the Atlantic coast.

It’s written by a blogger named Emily Gertz, who I hadn’t heard of before this (not that that means anything). When I get a minute I intend to add it to the list of blogs on the right.

Ditto for Energy Outlook, which I’ve referred to a number of times in conjunction with the Broadwater LNG proposal. Geoffrey Styles almost always has information and points of view that I didn’t know or hadn’t thought of (not that that means anything either).


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