Friday, December 09, 2005

Monk Parakeets

There are lots of new oddities in today’s papers about the monk parakeet situation in West Haven.

According to the New Haven Register, police said that Julie Cook, the West Haven woman who was arrested for breach of peace after protesting the removal of monk parakeets, perhaps had had a drink or two too many before her arrest and had climbed aboard one of the trucks United Illuminating was using to get rid of the parakeets. I have nothing against having a drink or two but it's probably wise to avoid public protests and demonstrations if you've been imbibing. In any case, Cook denies it. Regardless, state prosecutors have dropped the charges, so she’s off the hook, legally. But those who are overseeing her nursing training at Southern Connecticut State University want to chat with her about it anyway.

West Haven’s police chief, meanwhile, is glad the bird-removal program is over, for the time being, and who can blame him.

And the Connecticut Post, if this story is typical, seems on the verge of becoming a wholly-owned subsidiary of Friends of Animals and the group’s boss, Patricia Feral. Among other things, the Post and Feral (which is not her real last name, by the way) have introduced a new concept – homeless birds.

She estimated that as many as 400 birds escaped capture and will be homeless this winter…

On the other hand, if the nests are removed, maybe the power will stay on, which is UI's motive and goal.


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