Tuesday, August 09, 2005

Under the New Energy Law, Expect "Islander East" Pipeline to be Approved. Can an LNG Plant in the Sound be Next?

Here's how the new federal energy law works. Two hours after President Bush signed it yesterday, KeySpan and Duke Energy were in federal court to get permission for their Islander East gas pipeline to cross Long Island Sound. Connecticut courts and regulators have been holding up approval for several years but under the new law, the states don't get to have a say in these energy decisions.

Somewhere the people at Shell, TransCanada and Broadwater must be grinning.


Anonymous Arthur R. F. said...

that's not right in my personal opinion. This project poses a threat to so many marine life animals and the health of our atmosphere which is already in danger of global warming becoming worse. It's scary to think about the world i'm growing up in and the things i'm forced to worry about at only 16. this pipeline needs to be shut down and an alternate source of energy needs to be found. As a connecticut resident of East Haven i enjoy the beach and if its ruined because of some project for another state it'll be a real shame. I think this world is going way down hill and if things don't change the human race doesn't have that much of a future. I hope someone that is influential see's this and realises where i'm coming from.

4:32 PM  

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