Tuesday, April 05, 2005

How to Catch a Lobster, Blue or Otherwise

Blue lobsters are rarer than blue moons. In fact, just one in every million lobsters is blue. Ronald Christensen, a Bowdoin College scientist who, along with Harry Frank of UConn, discovered the genetic flaw that causes a lobster to be blue (in shell color, not in mood; I'm not sure anyone is studying lobster moods), notes that being blue doesn’t help a lobster hide in the murky depths.

“I suspect more blue lobsters than we realize are born but don't survive because they become major targets for predators,” said Christensen. “The reason you don't want to be a blue lobster is you stick out like a sore thumb.”

Read the New London Day for more.

Assuming you’re not a commercial lobsterman, want to know how to catch Homarus americanus? Matt Sasso has excellent instructions on his Long Island Sound Diver blog (which I’ve added to Sphere’s blogroll, on the lower right, and which I intend to check in with frequently in the quest for first-hand reports about what’s really going on in the Sound.) Read it; it's fun.


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