Friday, March 25, 2005

Protestors Want Guarantee They Won't be Arrested Again; Plan 'Day of Action' in April

The “Greenwich Three” – the three environmentalists from the Rainforest Action Network who were arrested in Greenwich earlier this month for expressing their opinions – want a written guarantee from the town within 10 days that they won’t be arrested again for handing out protest material. Their ACLU attorney, Annette Lamoreaux, asked for the guarantee in a letter sent yesterday to the town attorney and police chief. From the Greenwich Time:

“We want to talk with them and work out an arrangement that is constitutional and agreeable to both sides,” Lamoreaux said. “We would like to work this out prior to litigation but we consider this issue to be sufficiently serious that I would advise my clients to take legal action.”

Jess Eisen, one of those arrested, told me that RAN is preparing for “a big National Day of Action on April 12,” and although she didn’t say they’d be in Greenwich, it may explain why her attorney wants a guarantee they won’t be arrested again.

The police chief said he’d meet with them to talk about what forms of protest don’t violate the law. Those arrested were Jess Eisen, Althea Erickson and Robert Nixon. Nixon lives in Old Greenwich, Eisen in Brooklyn and Erickson in Manhattan.

According to the Greenwich Time:

"they were arrested and cited with creating a public disturbance, after the two women hung fliers on trees, telephone poles and elsewhere on Vineyard Lane. Nixon was arrested for chauffeuring the women to the scene of the protest. … Eisen and Erickson are also charged with posting bills on public property. The ACLU does not dispute the constitutionality of that charge.”

The chose Vineyard Lane because it’s the home of William Harrison, CEO of JP Morgan Chase, the policies of which RAN opposes.

The three will be arraigned in Stamford on Monday. Eisen told me they have hired a local attorney, Elias A. Alexiades, to handle the criminal charges.


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