Friday, January 14, 2005

Inflated Rhetoric Alert

When an environmental issue is put before the public for debate, a sign should be posted: "Caution. Hyperbole Zone Ahead."

Save the Sound held a meeting in Norwalk yesterday to talk about the Broadwater LNG proposal. A number of speakers made what I think is the right point -- that the terminal would represent an unacceptable industrialization of Long Island Sound. These included Attorney General Richard Blumenthal, Norwalk Mayor Alex Knopp and Westport First Selectwoman Diane Farrell.

But the head of Norwalk's Harbor Commission hinted that the terminal might put Long Island and Connecticut at risk of the kind of disaster that hit the Indian Ocean.

"We are putting a tsunami in the middle of Long Island Sound," John Pinto said.

A State Representative from Weston, John Stripp, said the middle of the widest part of Long Island Sound -- probably 10 miles from the nearest house -- is too crowded for a LNG terminal.

"Here we are going to take a very populated area and we are going to put this potentially destructive facility there. It almost seems criminal if we let this happen," he said.

Maybe this kind of rhetoric helps. But to me it says more about the speaker than the issue. And I can't help rolling me eyes when I hear it.

The Stamford Advocate covered the meeting. The Norwalk Hour might have too but it seems as if they don't put news on their website. If anyone finds it, send me the link, please.


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