Thursday, January 06, 2005

Blogs to Check Out

I complained not long ago that I hadn't found many good enviro blogs. I still haven't found many, but I've found some. Here they are (I've added some to my links list [lower right] and will be adding others soon).

Conservation News (not really a blog because it's not updated anywhere near often enough, but its author, Jon Christensen, added Sphere to his favorite blogs list after I begged him to).
Nature Noted (thank you, Pat Burns, for adding Sphere to your blogroll).
City Comforts (not an enviro blog, but I like it anyway).
Planning Livable Communities (planning and new urbanism in Massachusetts).
Howling at a Waning Moon (keeps a close eye on national stories; author Bob Whitson says he'll link to Sphere but he hasn't yet).
Real Climate (experts on global warming, which, with the Sound getting warmer, is way relevant).
Chris Mooney (a young pro).
Gristmill (I'm not into this one yet but I probably should be; try it though).
BaySense (Chesapeake Bay, which had the Sound's problems, and worse, before the Sound).

Read 'em, then come back.


Blogger Pat Burns said...

I'm happy to add you to my links. I really enjoy your writing. I'm glad you begged Jon to give you a shout out.
-Pat Burns

11:15 PM  
Blogger U said...

I deal with many of these environmental issues from the perspective of urban, suburban and metropolitan planning.

My approach is to conceive of the "environment" holistically--comprising the terrain of ecological, cultural, political, and economic development.

12:15 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Here are a few enviro blogs I like:


EV World (a webzine)
EV World Blog

Bruce Sterling's Viridian Design (infrequent)

-Laurence Aurbach

2:01 PM  

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