Friday, December 17, 2004

About Sphere

A blog is a kind of scrapbook of things that interest the blogger and which, because a blog is public, the blogger thinks will interest his readers. I started Sphere a couple of weeks ago as a way to insert myself back into the public discussion about Long Island Sound, its watershed and their environmental issues, and to write about other fun things of more or less importance (and encompassed, also more or less, in the description under the title at the top of this page).

I read in another blog recently a list of one man’s rules for blogging: post every day, provide lots of links, include a blogroll (i.e., a list of other blogs, with links) of other interesting sites etc. I’ve tried to post daily and link often; I’ve found though that blogs that talk about environmental issues are few and far between, that they post little that interests me, and that many of them post only at widely-spaced intervals. Nevertheless I’ll be making an effort to link to more of them as time goes on.

As for Sphere, there’s a lot of new stuff here, so scroll down. Check in often because I’ll be posting as close to every day as possible. My e-mail address is along the right margin. Let me know what you think, send me tips, complaints and corrections. I’ll try to keep it lively and wide-ranging.

One more thing: I think there's still time to order this and have it arrive before Christmas.


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